It is also quite straight forward to use. Ray at matrix orbital is very helpful, lcd studio is his creation. Go for a Nsk and save a few bucks. Nov 14, Messages: Thought it would be pretty common but I am not seeing much

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Ideas how to get VFD working with Antec Fusion case? | MediaPortal HTPC

The iMon site shows the Cusion with acceptable looking settings here but I can’t get mine to look anything like this. I also have this case, and have the imon software set to disable the lcd after boot-up.

When the HTPC is on it shows the time. We took readings while idle on the Windows desktop as well as at full load.

Returns Fksion Time of Playbackeg: The software allows you to select feeds and what to display in the VFD. We will include results for all three fan speeds at both idle and load.

Phew a bit of word salad – hopefully you follow: Oct 24, 6. Check your motherboard manual about this.


It levers off the Front. Only niggle at the moment is when the pc is restarted the lcd studio or the gx driver does not start up properly. CyberSimian June 27, All times are GMT. I’m probably looking at the VFD route as they seem to have a better contrast, which is really my issue with the one built into the Fusion.

The gx is also very slightly shorter than the imon and the pcb is visible, but hidden by use of some black insulating tape. August 12, 1.

Antec Fusion Micro VFD no Display/Power – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Nov 5, 8. PausedOverview ,Time. I’m a little annoyed by this as I bought it on the strength of how the VFD looks. But i cant seem to get it to work.

Glad I didn’t get the LCD, just couldn’t see a use for it other then a clock. Nov 21, at Mar 29, Messages: I can’t believe they’d put in such a crappy looking LCD. Introduction Antec is no stranger to us when it comes to power supplies, and we have tested many of the latest offerings from the Fremont, California based company.


Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. When it is in standby it goes off. I think I’ll have to order one and see what happens. Let me know how you go! The discount was not worth the headache of the fire. It’s just it doesn’t like that the machine is suspended and then powered-up again.

Antec Fusion HTPC Shootout

To fix the display i used hot glue, very straight forward and not a lot needed to secure it. I put “cheaper” sisplay quotes because you likely have to replace stock PSU or fans. I guess it might cause problems when hibernated and there is no power coming directly from PSU but there is power coming from USB. August 23, 4.