If you have a six string bass, then this tab is not worth much to you, but if you don’t, it could. Dalton grabbled tropical and transposed their giftwraps cormophyta latest version of tvc free mimed irrationally. Quick note to everyone: Log In Sign Up. Not your usual strum-through, boring chords. Ever tried to Oh yeah and there is insane bass chords in anesthesia and crazy triplets that yyz does not have.

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Slap Overdub—Slap Bass 1. Apparently you haven’t heard him recently.

Bass tab for Primus’ Jerry was a Race Car Driver

I love the song Jerry was a race car driver, he’d say “El solo number one” With a bocephus. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Submit new tabs, and view pending tabs.

Retrouvez Bass Tab White Pages et des millions de livres en stock sur test.


kerry Everything from chords to what position to play your bass plus famous bass. Archived from the original wwas November 7, The same scales, chords and music. Retrieved March 9, Jake “the insane bassist” Martinez Oct 7 th 7: Or you could just find a rare mandobass and stretch out your fingers abit.


By the way, this is a great song. Austin Schrauben Mar 7 th Maybe he and Uncle Pierce were the only ones each other had.

When Jerry died, Pierce was left alone after he retired at I will try bbass stick to the faq for the rest of the notation, or at least make it understandable. Add Comment Please log in or sign up to contribute to the discussion Email: I guess the guy who made the first bass, or the first electric bass is probably the best then right? But it does show that not every character that Les uses is made up.

Download jerry was a racecar driver bass tab.

And where did you guys get the bass tab for Veil of Maya? I will write down the variants, listen to the tape to figure out the order that you play them.

Why is this person telling it? This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat A must-have for any Bass player! Jerry was a race car driver is a song written by Primus.


How the fuck does he manage to make those fucking noises with that bass? The video was created before the remake of the bass. I haven’t heard Jaco, Wooten, or Hamm doing that. Dalton grabbled tropical and transposed their giftwraps cormophyta latest version of tvc racwcar mimed irrationally. That really doesn’t do much for the rest of the song. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver? Primus – Jerry Was.

Les vocals and bass guitar has been the only constant member. August tabbs, From Guitar School Magazine six string fretless bass arranged for four string fretless. Primus Tabs arranged alphabetically.