Instal ling Software Drivers The window below will appear asking you to select the Source driv e to use. You will need to disable this feature if you add a higher performance controller. No default , Yes. Typematic Delay Msec Sets the delay time after the key is held down before it begins to repeat the keystroke. Backup any necessary data before proceeding. Disabled default Disables the function.

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Failure to follow this accept ed PC practice could result in data loss.

Are y ou sure you want to delete this array? Promise recommends this option for most users. To create an array f or best performance, f ollow these steps: The blue cable connector attaches to the FastTrak Offline – A striped array has 1 drive that has failed or been disconnected.

BIOSTAR M7VIP Ver 1.1 Socket 462 AMD Motherboard

This connector supports the prov ided f loppy drive ribbon cables. Peripheral Component Interconnect Slots: Active to Precharge Tras This items allows you to specify the minimum bank active time. The information will be refreshed ev ery 1 second. Windows will then restart f or the driv er installation to take biostqr.


M7VIP BIOSTAR Motherboard Mainboard Drivers Manuals BIOS

Instal ling the Adio Drives All the CMOS data will be loaded as defaults setting. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The Choices Enabled DefaultDisabled. This section covers some very technical items and it is strongly recommended that biosrar experienced users should make any changes to the default settings. For more inf ormation, refer to the manual that came with your hard driv e. Date of Month Alarm You can choose which month the system will boot up.

The storage capacity equals the number of drives times the capacity of the smallest drive in the disk array. Enabled default Optional ROM is enabled. A confirmation message will be displayed before defaults are set.

Stripe Spare Driv e After installing the FastTrak controller and configuring the hard driv es, power up the system and boot Windows. Overclock panel contains the follow ing features: After files hav e been copied, the system will reboot.

If this is the first time you hav e booted with the Bioostar and drives installed, the Promise onboard BIOS will display the f ollowing screen. The IDE connectors can connect a master and a slav e drive, so you can connect up to four hard disk driv es.


Onboard Serial Port 2 Select an address and corresponding interrupt for the first and second serial ports.

If this situation occurs, please ch eck if you r CPU fan is working properly. Use the arrow keys to choose which drive contains the existing data to be copied.

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The software includes the driv er necessary to identify FastTrak to the operating system. However, if any program writes to this memory area, a system error may result. Fast default Lets chipset control Gate A A biosrar line out and mic in sign als are availab le for front panel audio connectors.

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When the Power Supply is eventually turned on 3. If the interface does not support prefetching.