It is not necessary to specify more than one probe target. Determines if your network cable is too long for optimum network performance. The following network status information is provided:. To perform a silent install and create a log file at f: The LiveLink feature is supported only for this type of team. The appropriate assigned ranges and exceptions for the locally administered address include the following:.

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Repeat until you no longer want to add VLANs. The IP address assigned to either a probe target or team member cannot have a zero as the first or last octet.

windows 7 – Configure multiple VLAN on a Broadcom NetXtreme 57XX adapter – Super User

When you select one of the Checksum Offload property values other than Nonethe checksum can be computed by the network adapter. Selects Contoller Up Frame as the wake-up frame and allows the network adapter to wake the system when an event such as a ping or an Address Resolution Protocol ARP request is received.

If you want to configure LiveLink, click Yesand then click Next. This does not include frames received with frame-too-long, FCS, length, or alignment errors, or frames lost due to internal MAC sublayer errors. A red indicator means that a link is not established. The interrupt valn number that is associated with the adapter.


802.1q support for broadcom netxtreme 57xx gigabit controller

A new virtual nftxtreme is created for each VLAN. On the BASP Statistics tab you can view performance information about the network adapters that are on a team. You must have administrator privileges to change the values for a property.

Teaming is done through the Broadcom Advanced Server Program software.

The following network status information is provided:. Click the name of the team you want to configure. In this mode, at least one of the link partners must be in active mode. On the Network Test tab, you can verify IP network connectivity. Frames Rx with Alignment Error.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2: Broadcom NetXtreme® 57XX User Guide

To view vkan BASP statistics for the team as a whole, click the name of the team. The link speed of the adapter. This counter is incremented when the receive status is reported as Alignment Error. Smart Load Balance and Failover. In this type of team, you can dynamically configure the network adapters that netxxtreme been selected to participate in a given team. Shows the resource settings for the selected adapter. If the adapter icon show a superimposed red letter X, the adapter is not connected to the network.

To create a team using the wizard, see Using Broadcom Teaming Wizard.


Trunking supports load balancing and failover for both outbound and inbound traffic. A count of frames that are successfully transmitted as indicated by the status value Transmit OK to a group destination address other than a broadcast address. If the link partner is not correctly configured for IEEE To change the value, click an item in the Value list or type a new value, as appropriate selection options are different for different properties.

Removing Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2. If the IP address of the probe target changes for any reason, LiveLink must be reconfigured. Ntextreme the path and file name of the new configuration fileand then click Save a.

MAC control frames with no pause command. Make the desired changes, and then click OK. If necessary, go to the folder where the file is located. The LiveLink feature is supported only for this type of team. Ensure there is network connectivity between the team and the probe target on gigbit untagged VLAN.