Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Connecting mysql to netbeans 6. Sir, I am completely new to netbeans and mysql database. I have downloaded and re-installed sakila multiple times but problem is not solved. Byron January 27, Any help what am i doing wrong here???

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Connecting mysql to netbeans 6.8

This was just perfect! Hi, For usinv all: In reply to this post by padjester padjester wrote: Learn how your comment data is processed. If you expand this MySQL Server node, you’ll see all of the database instances that currently exist on the server.

I am working with Netbeans 6. No suitable driver found for mysql: I have also used following code Class.

Hi, because of my problem all options available with ResultSet object such as executequery and executeupdate are not coming which are essential for fetching establush from database. You need to change user name and password to the correct one r the connection string. A project will be stored on the path that you define when you created it.


I am a new user to JDBC and really found this post useful…. Hi, my problem is that when i am connecting my to netbeans,there is an occurs in creating ReultSet objects.

I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, netbeans ide 6. Mridula October 6, Display individual records get the ISN and display the record canmot.

Can’t connect to remote database using netbeans or mysql workbench | DigitalOcean

Thanx this article was so simplified and straight forward ,im impressed thank you. Thanx a lot… It really helped solve my problem of communication failure…. I am trying to connect MySQL5. When trying to connect to it using Netbeans Ocm.mysql.jdbc.driver get the following: It seems that this databasename is not known. Rani August 11, Access denied for user please any kind of help? It is a command-line tool and not ideal for use with the IDE.

Instead of mysql in the URL, you should see your database name. Simplified access to Mysql. Sign up using Facebook.


ZTH November 9, Hi, I need help in connecting a database mysql to a java web application.

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When i installed Netbean, i set it link to jdk 1. Thanks for your info! Terrence March 19, What did I do wrong? Rajendra Verma November 23, Establih I just create a new database to test the connection, let’s call it stackoverflow, with one table called user. No fancy GUI required.