You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Now you can use your computer to download the data you want and tailor the keyboard so suit your specific needs. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Not giving it a rating just because I haven’t used it for long yet. The original keyboard action, featuring a single or double sensors installed below the keybed. Our members also liked:

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The first Privia cassio the PX The first generation Privia was produced from toand utilizes the Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation ZPI synthesis sound engine, as used in Casio’s numerous former flagship keyboards.

Powerful features to support high-level performances. If I had to take a keyboard scene only. Need some explanation, I have always understood the usefulness of a.

With the exception of an ethnic kit. Registration data includes tones, rhythms, effects, and more. I tried the roland fp For the scene, the prfr px.

High-quality multi-channel digital effects. If it is rubbish, I’ll take it!

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You won’t get much support for that belief here! Well I prfr that of casio, because I was more practitioner.


I prefer the sounds: Our members also liked: I have to use less than 10 sounds can be It is a key keyboard heavy, agile, and finally that serapproche a real piano. The concurrency has to be some problems.

You can carry it, but I won’t call it portable. View the Media Kit. The manual is fairly clear I think.

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Music Data Management Software: Digitally simulated drawbar organ provides you with the means to create a wide range of different organ sounds. The Privia is a line of digital pianos and stage pianos manufactured by Casio. Login or Sign Up. This key action consist of a mechanical system of small “hammers” and weights attached to each keys that will lift up when the key is pressed, while the keys trigger the sensors to generate sound.

You can find more troubleshooting tips on page E For an acoustic piano and a GM-karaoke instrument it is more than enough.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. I’ve owned this keyboard for a month and a half, so far no complaints. Big display shows tone name, rhythm name, settings, and more!


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It seems quite well built despite it is plastic. I’m not familiar with the model, but some things to try are seeing if the switch in the headphone jack is stuck probably not but worth a try, make sure to check both by inserting and removing headphones a few times, and checking to see if local control is off and turning it back on.

The main piano sounds are clear, most realistic when playing solo passages with or without pedalupper and lower octaves are very convincing, and the middle octave is good. The only BMOL, it feels vasio tcouhe the plastic when you hit the notes.