System requirement and executing environment Z control function Support a number of decoders. Click Default, and all the values will return to the default value. Configure the motion detection areas for certain channels in Motion Detection Configuration. Do not insert two or more USB video capture cards simultaneously. Motherboards listed below which has passed the test can work well with TD

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Z Configuration Fig 7.

When a certain channel has been selected for playing back, the background color will be highlighted, or its dark gray and a tick sign will appear beside the channel title. Sensor Alarm Record State Blue light: Once all the settings for Windows are completed and you have all the hard drives setup you can install GeoVision.

Click Default, and all the values will return to the default value. They enable synchronous audio and video te3004 and transmission, with their powerful compression rate and network transmission function.

Start in order beginning with the drivers. Our cards are mature and cost-effective products that should be your ideal choices. And you can also click the blue map icon on the left by right key, and select Rename to change name of the map or select Close to cancel this map View Map Click to enter E-map, where the user can view distribution td004 all cameras in the map, as Figure View Camera.


Therefore, users can see the time marks in details.

MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD3004 Video Computer Driver Updates

If there is any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact dealer. Z device and get Baud rate, Protocol and Xvr firstly, and then set other values accordingly. Then turn on the computer, the system will remind you to Found new hardware.

When there are some TD card connects together, please connect the line as following figure. Select and then click and to zoom in and out the image.

Double click or click right mouse to return to the previous yd3004. However, whether they can possess some right should be decided by the administrator. Every button has its built-in indicator light.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. 650 Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH

General information Net Client is an application which provides users not only viewing and controling remote DVRs, but also receiving realtime event data or alarm signals. Click have long focus. This manual is applicable to More information. Enter the main menu by selecting Live View.

Techwell TW+ driver – Techwell Video Drivers –

Simply enable web cam function of the system on a computer which is connected to Internet, and the computer system will become an Internet web cam server. Click this svr, selected channel will open Close Stream: Then when restarting the computer system, it will access to the system with the user name and password input in the boxes.


The system offers quick select methods for users. Td30044 server setup Fig configuration 68 Fig 7. When in single channel playing back pause mode, automatically the following color control panel Figure will appear, by tx3004 user can make color The bottle-green light in record status panel shows the corresponding channel is in Schedule Record mode. Z Control Interface refer to Figureand click the corresponding channel users can see a red fringe around the channelthen users can begin to control the enabled P.

Super Dvr Td |Driver

Users can click Clear all to clear all selected channels; if users select a certain channel, click Select this channel, then just this xvr be selected only. Block Number Set grid s number.

Pan Speed Set horizontal rotating speed. Select this item, the picture will display in full screen.

Select All Select all the areas of the channel as detection area 6. Stop bits Default value is 1 Notice: