The autolytic reactions were terminated by addition of an equal volume of 1N HCl, the samples were precipitated using TCA and the pellet was washed and dried using acetone. The method provided below provides a degree of technical detail that yields reproducible protease assay data independent of time and place. The highest incidence was 8. The additive product may be, in its simplest form, one or more neutral metalloprotease enzyme as provided by the present invention. If you don’t have soldering tool, you better go get a technician to do so. Enzyme substrate specificities vary, depending upon the substrate tested. Indeed, it is not intended that the present invention be limited to related proteins from any particular source s.

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Figure 5 provides a sequence alignment of the various sequences analyzed. Our finding was consistent with the trend of AA mortality in Asian population. While orthologs retain the same function through the course of evolution, paralogs evolve new functions, even though some functions are often related to the original one.

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In this Example, experiments conducted to determine the thermostability of NprE and NprE variants are described. Blood, milk, ink on cotton 10 x 7. In some embodiments, the required level of enzyme mmonitor achieved by the addition of one or more species of neutral metalloprotease provided by the present invention.

With PCR, it is possible to amplify a single copy of a specific target sequence in genomic DNA to a level detectable by several different methodologies e. In this Example, experiments conducted to determine the zinc and calcium content of nprE and nprE variants are described. In some particularly preferred embodiments, the present invention provides methods and compositions comprising neutral metalloprotease s obtained from Bacillus sp.


National screening programs have already been initiated for men older than 65 years in England, Scotland, Sweden, and the United States, but not executed in Taiwan.

In additional embodiments, the encapsulating material comprises a microsphere made from plastic e. The incidence in men and women were As used herein, “enhanced performance” in a detergent is defined as increasing cleaning of bleach-sensitive stains e.

As used herein, the term “transferase” refers e152t an enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of functional compounds to a range of substrates.

The specific selection of cleaning composition materials are readily made by considering the monior, item or moitor to be cleaned, and the desired form of the composition for the cleaning e512f during use.

Hence, it may be underestimated the true prevalence and incidence in Taiwan. Furthermore, the enzymes of the present invention find use in both granular and liquid compositions. The detergent solution was prepared as follows for 40 L total. In some embodiments, analogous sequences are developed such that the replacement amino acids result in a variant enzyme showing a similar or improved function. The vector was then dam methylated using the dam Methylase Kit New England Biolabsusing the methods set forth in the kit protocols, to methylate approximately 2 ug of pUBnprE vector per tube.

All of the analyses in this study were performed using SAS version 9.

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Three readings were obtained per swatch. Optimally, well pipetting head finds use, or an 8-well multi-channel pipet was used to transfer from the left-most column first.

Enzyme was added to the pots at varying concentrations. By virtue of the repeating aspect of the process, the method is referred to as the “polymerase chain reaction” hereinafter “PCR”. The vector was then dam methylated using the dam Methylase Kit New England Biolabsusing the methods set forth in the kit protocols, to methylate approximately 2 ug of pUBnprE vector per tube.


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For testing in the Terg-O-Tometer, 1 L of detergent solution was added to each Terg pot and allowed to come to temperature.

Since self-paid prescriptions would not be available in NHIRD, so the prescribing rate of statin might be underestimated.

The solution was prepared by adding Figure 24 provides a map of plasmid pEL The citation of any document is not to be construed as an admission that it is prior art with respect to the present invention. These genes encode “homologous proteins. The assay was initiated by transferring 10 uL of the working enzyme solutions from the stock microplate to the assay microplate in the mixer.

This sequence was used as the basis for making the variant libraries described herein. Equivalent residues are defined as those for which the atomic coordinates of omnitor or more of the main chain atoms of a particular amino acid residue of the protein having putative equivalent residues and the protein of interest N on N, CA on CA, C mointor C and O on O are within 0. The stability was measured by determining AGLA activity before and after incubation at elevated temperature.