This year’s collection includes many independent and self-published artists; no mainstream or superhero comic in sight. Swervedriver 99th Dream Label: The 21 Best Album Re-Issues of In , the music world saw amazing reissues spanning rock titans to indie upstarts and electronic to pop of all stripes. Somehow the word went out to the local radio station that Swervedriver were rehearsing drummers down at the studio so get on down there. Looking back over your back catalogue, is there any one record or era that stands out as being a personal favourite, if not definitive of what Swervedriver are all about? A lot of it tends to be what time you can get and everything. You started using falsetto

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Not just by the media but also Creation Records because Oasis had just broken through.

Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver

Swervedriver have been away for so long that most assumed they were never coming back. In order to finish the tour, the group borrowed Danny Ingram from Strange Boutique out of Washington state.

That was also a mess. Mezcal Head is a much better record. Take an hour break. This month sees the band embark on their biggest UK tour since reforming and DiS caught up with the two remaining original members Adam Franklin vocals, guitars and Jimmy Hartridge guitars prior to their recent show at Nottingham’s Bodega.


Juggernaut Still Rides: Behind the Scenes and Times of Swervedriver – PopMatters

Swervedriver Mezcal Head Label: I think I first picked up a copy of that in The album has certain peaks and troughs so therefore the performance does as well. He signed the group almost immediately. Status Quo tend to do it all the time. We could have scaled it right down with this tour. And that was done to tape. And after that Adi leaves?

Adam sang, and Graham shifted to backing vocals.

I think we’re headed that way, to leave space to let the music breathe a little bit. Is there a new generation of live followers alongside the hardcore who saw you first time around?

Swervedriver |

When I first started playing with Jimmy, he was doing much more of a Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, kind of thing with guitar riffs and such, and playing solos that were different every time, which totally blew me away.

Of course they were spontaneous at the time. It doesn’t create too many problems because we can share files on the internet. But in all sobriety, I can now say that I have a sneaky suspicion that I might be right. We can’t come back with just one album. And it was really a derogatory term as well.

The remaining three members drafted drummer Graham Bonnar, but by this time the group’s sound mutated significantly under the influence of re-invented guitar music by American bands like Dinosaur Jr. Yeah, there was that whole touring thing with Graham leaving, that happened in between.


I guess it is. Even back in the day I remember Pavement being from different parts of the States.

In Photos: Public Service Broadcastin…

But even then we knew what we were doing. Formed band in Oxford, England, ; signed with Creation Records, released first EP, Son of Mustang Ford; released debut album Raisedtoured North America for the first time, ; released Mezcal Head; released Ejector Seat Reservationdropped by the Creation label, ; signed to and dropped by Geffen Records; picked up by the indie label Zero Hour for the release of 99 th Dream I swervedricer want Swervedriver to become a legacy act.


I guess it just ends up being whatever one you feel like using. Sample of “These Times”, the frank,in single from 99th Dream And the album was recorded as a three-piece. Yeah, but a lot of them seemed to have the SSL desk.

In Late the Creation Records web site confirmed Swervedriver was reuniting for a tour.