Controller Model See the back cover. Correlation Diagram of Speed and Load Capacity40Lead Load capacity kg The specification data shown to the right isbased on operation at an acceleration of0. Over 30 Years of IAI! AQ seals supplylubricating oil Meeting Various ApplicationsSelect from three types ofcontrollers. Added to the Series: We also prepared cleanroom types so you can usethem in many applications.

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Actuator width mmL: A desired length of up to 5 m can be specified in meters.

rcb cv usb in ROBO Cylinder® Controllers by IAI America

All you need is to specify The speed of path and arc movement has alsoincreased, allowing for faster, more accurate coatingoperation. Correlation Diagram of Speed and Load Capacity40Lead Load capacity kg The specification data shown to the right isbased on operation at an acceleration of0. Refer to the facing page for the details of each item.

If a force is applied to the rod from the direction perpendicularto the rod or rotating direction of the rod, the stopper International Standard Network allows high-speed communicationwith its peripheral devices. If force Is applied to the rod In a direction perpendicular to the rod or In a direction See the table below PushingContinuingpush-motionoperationPosition stopSpeed controlAfter arriving at the target position, stops whilemaintaining the position at the Positioning to Maximum 64 Points with Controllers supportingthree different control modes—positioner,pulse-train and program—are available.


Check the details on the page explaining each type.

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These actuators come pre-wired Benefit — Improve cycle time and drasticallyreduce part defects. There are two kinds of cables; a motor cable for the motor power, and an encoder cable for the encoder signals. The development of a large variety of models allows you to pick models that suit your applications. Single-axis robot, standard specificationISPA: This is ideal for applications where the robot must handle loads from above.

When the power is turned Select from 3 types of guides: Introducing the RCP5 Series, powered by cjlinder battery-lessactuator, with the convenience of an absolute encoder and thecost and simplicity of an incremental encoderThe innovative battery-less absolute encoder patent pending operates through a combinationof An alarm will begenerated when the temperatureexceeds the value set in advance. Controller Once installed, the Simple Absolute Unit eliminates MSEPGuide for the description of the selected configurationThe description of the MSEP controller configuration varies depending on the type of actuator connected to the controller, and the totalnumber of axes installed.


Compact and low-thrust rod type actuator thatcan even be used for simple pressing. Power12Turn the power on. It izi a newly developed motor, and its significantlyreduced length, System Configuration Required EquipmentThe following equipment will be required when an electronic cam is used.

Optional connector-type cables for connection between the controller Produce more in less time. The wide selection of arm lengths from a minimum of mm to a maximum of mm provides the variety to accommodate CJA November www.

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Specify an appropriate type in your order. The selectable arm length mm to mm cylinnder the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of applications. Thanks to the ball spline, the rod can handle both radial and rotating loads.