We were happy, so we tried others using it. If the user releases pressure at this point, the change will be interpreted as an instruction to move the opposite direction. It still has this mysterious quality to the outside. We had believed there was no space between keys for such motion. We made a program to test finger force control. There is no stronger praise for any alternative input device. Steve Ih de put numerous improvements into the drivers all the time.

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We had to replace the large Measurement System’s joystick package.

We need to talk about the nipple mouse – Hacker Noon

We fiddled and trafkpoint – after a short time though we discovered a weird thing. Wow was this weird… we discovered you could only hold the finger in the circle with like 5 or so bits of resolution. Fine motion was also a concern, and we went back to our 5 bit force resolution result and thought that if you don’t have much control at slow speeds then tremor would increase inaccuracy and maybe a constant speed would be easier to stop on a ivm with…. On the Gateway Liberty laptop the pointing stick is above the enter key on the right side of the keyboard.

We tried various transfer functions: Joe learned Basic easily.

The Entry Systems Technology group was responsible for testing out new stuff. I reminded them of my “bet my badge” deadline as the time approached. In the early s, Zenith Data Systems shipped a number of laptop computers equipped with a device called ” J-Mouse “, which essentially used a special keyswitch under the J key to allow the J keycap to be used as a pointing stick.


I put copper foil corners on the top and a foil bottom… I found that the conductive foam at Radio Shack didn’t have the hysteresis that the other chip-holding foam had. This article is about a computer input device. It was a computer maybe only a giant could love, because it was really, really big. The idea was a circle on the screen representing X and Y force space that you had to hold a cursor within.

This entire post, including the image editing, was performed with the touchpad. We did the really important piece; we built a human factors testing maze that ran on a discarded PC. If I go back and think about IBM, and its commercial desktop business, one time they said they would never sell a color monitor — wrong. In case you were wondering, on the Mac, tuinkpad right click is a two-finger tap.

Various informal names have been invented, including “nipple mouse”, [20] [21] ” clit mouse” [20] [21] and “nub”. An integrated mechanical fuse that I worked with Barton Smith and Todd Wyant to create that reset automatically was fun to design too. They had a code name for the project, “Castaway”, and that’s what they tried to do. Finger Force Precision for Computer Pointing.

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from January The night before the presentation, we fit it together tracckpoint its final form: The rubber I specified, a 55 durometer post with a mm top made of 1.


We need to talk about the nipple mouse

I now easily taught a brilliant Joe with a photographic memory digital electronics. We read about overshoot in joysticks. At that point the clay mounted to the desk and pressing it close to the sensor moved it towards a strain beam it could trakcpoint mounted on.

A lot of the touchpad’s functionality thinnkpad dependent on the software drivers. So, it kind of had this personality, and the three colors were kind of playful — and it suggested the fact there was a color display. Which renders the whole touchpad vs.

If you’re looking for an empirical way to prove the superiority of one input method over the other, good luck.

Customize the Touchpad and Trackpoint on the ThinkPad | IT Services

Hmmm, somehow it was hard to control; we fiddled with feedback resistors and capacitors trying to create transfer functions to make good pointing… yuk…. And in a few weeks we had made a circuit that put out mouse quadrature signals. The maze was of 16 characters all over the screen, some short distances, some long, to see how the joystick worked with Fitt’s law.

Joe chose it instead of my big visual interface or intelligent user interface ideas because it seemed that it could change a current product in a noticeable way easily….

But choice is good, I suppose.