If I set up a Gmail account and use my husband’s work email, that would be 5. Registration Sign in Facebook connect. He continued, “I have been impressed with the sport since watching it over the past 10 years on cable television”. However, I do feel that we can get RG into the top ten. Anything is possible with enough effort. I am going to do my part.

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Hubby is going to register and vote, too. Its on my daily calendar of things to do quite prominently so I don’t forget.

Chex most popular driver

Earnhardt Jr responded by saying, “I’m going to be with the best team. All Discussions My Discussions Add.

Join prime To view in hi-res Slide show. Douglas Kurtin commented on TOG’s photo. Jimmie Johnson has won two years in a row and Jeff Gordon has established himself as one of the best in the business, it’s going to be hard, but I’m looking to the challenge”.

Previous article Tander takes V8 Supercar Title. The 33 year old was full of praise for the driver we know as the “Devil Racer” who won two V8 Supercar titles back to back, saying, “I think he’s a good guy.


Barb replied to Mike Kenyon’s discussion Merry Christmas ! There might be a few guys who raced him who might have a different opinion”. Just a reminder we start oopular tomorrow for Chex’s most popular driver. If I can get cramps in my fingers from voting for Robby for the All Star race, I can vote once a day for the Chex thingy. POS is one of them. Maybe this is the year that the fans see thru his pathetic facade. Motorsport Network Buy tickets Store. I will have to add a reminder to my work calendar, so I vote first thing every morning.

Dec 7,5: Sands replied to Mike Kenyon’s discussion Merry Christmas !

Registration Sign in Facebook connect. Sign Up or Sign In. We won’t have to vote Robby into the all-star when he wins the Main My Page Members Contributers. However, I do feel that we can get RG into the top ten.

Lets at least get Robby in the top So spended Min. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Planet Robby. Getting Rob into the top ten would also be a signal to current and potential sponsors of the benefits of being a sponsor for RGM Got my first vote in.


Most Popular Driver Voting over 1 Million Mark – The Final Lap

Anything is possible with enough effort. I am going to do my part. I got my vote in this chsx already and the page is bookmarked. Let’s hope that one day that can be extended further and we get to see Earnhardt Jr, Gordon, Johnson and Casey Mears compete at our most popular and challenging circuit, the Bathurst Ambrose will get the opportunity to race in twelve Sprint Cup races next year and Earnhardt Jr believes Ambrose will be competitive. Get Alerts Save Saved. There are currently members of PR.

Well, he will if he expects dinner and other perks for the rest of the season.