Ask a question Reset. Michael Nolan June 09, I was just able to get a midi track what looks like it’s recording to a new midi track, but no sound out the output. I am finding that this is not a rare problem. Are there any other criteria you might need to help identify my issues? Overview Topics Products People Change log.

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Assign Intruments I have my output channels assigned to the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth using instrument alrsis general midi. Any help would be appreciated.

Are there any other criteria you might need to help identify my issues? Connect the midi keyboard to qmidiroute’s input via qjackctl or patchage.

Midi Keyboard Setup | Cakewalk Forums

Has anybody found a decent audio interface that will work with Snow leopard and garageband without breaking the bank? Its possible to play the softwareinstrumen with the keys of the mbp, but not with the external midi-keybord. Then when I tried it again Jack hadn’t started properly wrong soundcard configured so it got confused. They are usually pretty good at replying, at least thats been my experience. One other quick notewhat about the midi pllayback setting in my i2 OS?


I’ll keep trying, but I think now I need to get some knowledge about my Casio keyboard and figure out the midi features.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I have installed Ubuntu Studio So very frustrating to by something that is marketed as being plug and play and then having to spend hours scouring forums for answers and finding none or even an acknowledgment from the manufactures that there is a problem.

At the bottom is has a midi playback. No set up even.

I think you went with the right audio interface. Wierdon all my MC sample track jam, boogie woogie, etc they use the usb audio device as output of the track and all the audio track I have created are playing back thru the output label io2 in the track. Go to the Alesis website and make sure you update the drivers for the iO 2. Thank you for the new information and all the best. Simply download and review the guide HERE to help you out.

Midi Keyboard Setup I’m new to the recodring game and I can’t seem to get my Music Creator to play either through my keyboard or record to a midi track of a project.


It actually looks like the data is coming across the track, but the alesiw iin at the bottom of the track and once I stop the recording the data is erased.??

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Under my audio options drivers I have my Alesis io2 selected as both input and output with the other driver listed as soundmax digital audio.


Beagle Max Output Level: Miri channel is 1-general midi. Thanks, 1 93 Replies Related Threads. I’m guessing it’s either a dodgy cable or the midi from the yamaha is unreliable. I think the computer is supporting, but I’m just not corect about the settings in MC.??

First, get the MC image you want on the screen and press the Print Scr button on your computer keyboard. I’ve tried adjusting every sensible setting, to no avail. LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content.

Thanks for the reply. This is my last obstacle before actually making music! It might be useful to help diagnose the problem.