In the editorial world, when you are faced with carrying around a pack of Zip discs, or one little USB hard drive, the choice is obvious. Users can quickly and easily adapt to new circumstances in the game, whether with last minute key mapping decisions or carefully planned profiles for more regularly occurring situations. Add Thread to del. Email sound blaster support, they will help u with this. After filling up the 64MB drive with pictures, leaving about kb free, I backed up using the PC utility. If you are not having any problems except these conflicts, flashing your bios will not help any at all.

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In my bios the video card is set on IRQ 11, and there crjcial nothing esle there. One person recommended that I remove all the PCI cards and experiment with placing them in different slots. So far I have only 3 Gb of ‘s on it, so have plenty of storage for data transfers.

Crucial Gizmo Free Driver Download (Official)

You may be able to reconfigure the IRQs in the bios. Keats – Also good detective work. See if you can find a file called CTCM. Graphics and Sound cards; Speakers and other Peripherals.


Does this game have a calibration option?

| Microsoft Strategic Commander

How would I determine this? A quick test with Sandra Find More Posts by sheila.

At about the size of a pack of Wrigley’s, these solid state storage devices come in a range tizmo sizes, with MB or MB versions being the most popular. Try some lower version detonator drivers. USB hard drives as they are commonly called, are essentially memory on a stick.

Is your computer configured for ACPI? Six buttons and three modifiers, plus profile switching allows up to 72 possible key mappings, assuring users of the flexibility they need in order to easily adapt to a variety of game play scenarios. Then I backed up wun98, and it erased the disk and put the new backup on the drive by itself.

I also set other things to the recommendations Mushkin Rules gave damn that guy does rule. That seems very likely, actually.

I think I’ll fill it up with pictures, etc. I had choices of A: I also tried to change the AGP to 2x. Leading Microsoft ergonomic design: Since installing XP ive managed to get WC4 going well,tho after some trouble configuring it.

Strategic Commander ships with over 30 pre-built game profile for the user to choose from. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this. On the desktops of both computers I have win89 batch file that uses the Subst command to assign a virtual drive letter to the Home directory and another drive letter to the Church directory. Well I tried a few things and more info BTW wih98 that’s a pretty sweet little video image on your posts I emailed them, and within 3 days they got me enough help to create a dos bootup disk to play wing commander 2 in dos.


I also have a MB USB wn98 that won’t work at all, because as you noted, it is recognized as a hard drive.

Crucial MB ‘Gizmo’ USB Hard Drive Review –

And you are correct this is the only one in the suggested power supply list from AMD. You may be out of IRQs. Originally Posted by sheila phunky. Age of Empires 2 Turbo Start 23 kb. Both profiles are highly modified versions of the profiles that are included with the device. Best space sim ever.