If you have selenium Java with Fitnesse, try using NgWebDriver its an java port for Protractor and served purpose for my project. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. To dive deeper into the subject: Fully functional regression testing in any environment in under an hour. Got this after 5 minutes running: Table has 3 header columns, but row 2 only has 2 columns 3 stop Could not invoke constructor for stop[0].

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Be sure to name your future wiki-pages as WikiWords. Hi Manoj is there a way to execute protractor java script code in fitnesse.? Are you sure, that you have copied the code of TestGooglePageTitle. February at Am I missing something with regards to the name?

You sure can, it’s just Java after all. I know Fitnesse can be used with selenium IDE, however I have no idea whether is it possible to use Fitnesse with webdriver. Right now i have the Selenium java with fitnesse. Does the Java class name need to exactly match the Wiki test name, or only the name of the decision table?


Selenium with FitNesse – Acceptance testing Framework

Email Required, but never shown. Collaboratively define Acceptance Tests 2.

March at It will automatically invoke the browser and it performs action defined in the fitNesse page. Google yes google no bing no With!

Fully functional regression testing in any environment in fitnesxe an hour.

Tests page activites which we need to verify in the application b. And here we go:.

I used to use Fitnium when I was doing work with Fitnesse and WebDriver early on, I found it did not scale well for the types of tests I was doing but it may work for you.

Fixtures for testing mobile applications, based on appium and BrowserTest. Share on Twitter Tweet.

Run those tests and see webdrvier results Working of FitNesse Getting started: But you can try as the same as what you do for Selenium RC.

SetUp page Initial step to perform before Tests page execution c.

Test if the page title is displayed correct case-sensitiveafter search for “Cheese! FitNesse is designed to support acceptance testing rather than unit testing in that it facilitates detailed readable description of system function. In the specification we have everything lovely included: Sign up using Email and Password. Go to the folder in which your fitnesse-standalone.


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Selenium with FitNesse – Acceptance testing Framework – Assert Selenium

In the TwoMinuteExample you find general information about the decision table, a main concept in FitNesse. It will display for all the tests by default. Got this after 5 minutes running: I’m looking for something like Selenesse https: Working of FitNesse Getting started: I was testing a Login and Registration system, the pages used a lot of JSON and I had issues getting the timing right so the pages would load with the right drop downs or complete the personal profiles.

SheyMouse 2 3 The design focuses to keep configuration data, test data and SQL code separate.