Send to Relay Station Sends a report to the relay station specified by the machine. No stamp is added. All pen width settings are 0. For information on specifying whether or not to have the report printed automatically, refer to “Mailbox Documents Report” P. Index Index Numerics attaching a cover to copies Page Basic Scanning 2 Sided H to T Select this when both sides of the 2-sided document are in the opposite orientation.

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Up to characters are allowed. A setting must be made in the System Administration mode to display this feature on the [Setup Menu] screen.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

Rotate 90 Degrees If the original can be rotated and sent without reducing the original image, apeoport whether to automatically rotate the document. Stapler Faults Stapler Faults Stapler Faults The following describes how to solve stapler problems that may occur when the finisher optional is installed.

Uncheck the settings you want to cancel. You can specify a total of up to addresses, either selecting from the address book or by direct input. The list below is current as of 6 July Paper Jams Paper Jams When paper is jammed inside the machine, the machine stops and an alarm sounds.

ApeosPort 450i Drivers & Downloads

This setting can be made only for cut sheets. Page 11 System Settings Memory Full Procedure When the space of the hard disk runs out during scanning originals, a screen appears asking how the partly stored data should be handled.


Auditron Mode Select whether to use the auditron administration feature when using the copy, fax, scan, and print services.

Fax Signal Method This method employs a Fuji Xerox proprietary communication procedure that is only for use with specific machines that have the Relay Broadcast Send feature. Main features of CentreWare Internet Services are listed below.

Action Load the document correctly, and align the document guides with the document. Refer to “Paper Jams” P. Up to 32 characters are allowed.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

Density Set the density for printing the text in the set numbering. Remove the paper in the direction of the arrow.

Substitute Tray, Paper Type Mismatch 11 System Settings Substitute Tray When there is no tray containing the paper size selected by the automatic tray selection, select whether or not to print replaced with paper loaded in another paper tray. Page Basic Scanning 2 Sided H to T Select this when both sides of the 2-sided document are in the opposite orientation.

Therefore, do not unplug the power cord from the power outlet immediately after turning the power switch off. Communication to whomever, whenever, where ever. Page Paper Jams Push down the green lever A1 in the direction of the arrow several times to eject the paper upward.


Page 16 Problem Solving Lift up the lever on the upper right side of the cover A, and open the cover A. Hold the front handle on the left cover of the document feeder, to open the left cover until it comes to Page 15 Maintenance Place the drum cartridge on a flat surface.

Job Flow Restrictions Job flows apeoport be assigned to a specified user, can be shared by many users, or can only be accessible from the specified mailboxes to which they are linked. Personal Job Flow Sheet Facsimile Information Services 4 Fax Facsimile Information Services For information on subscriptions and advanced operating procedures, contact the corresponding facsimile information service. apeospotr

zpeosport Page 11 System Settings All levels below root entry Searches from the root, including all levels below. Select [Factory Defaults] or [Custom Settings]. Then remove the guide from the Tray.

User Name Set a user name. Depending on the tray used, available paper types are different. Action Enable the Salutation port. You can enter up to 32 characters. Faults Faults Faults This section describes how to check the information of errors that occurred on the machine.